About Us

Mad Strategy was born from a desire to help small businesses take better charge of their marketing. While I am glad to work with businesses on a short-term and project basis as the need arises, I am laser-focused on walking alongside your business, nurturing your brand and helping to grow and mature your business.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, with parents that both owned businesses. The work ethic I learned from them was one of relentless effort and total heart in your business. I love the side-by-side, sleeves rolled up, daily in and outs of small business and have worked within one of the small businesses my parents created for the last 15 years. Still, engrained in me is a spirit of entrepreneurship and I built Mad Strategy to begin to make my own mark, and follow my own passions!

Connecting businesses, and the people within, has been at the core of my passion since I joined my families business in a sales role in my early 20s. My goal is that you’ll see the work of Mad Strategy as an extended arm of your business. At the end of the day I want to see the fire and passion you have for your own business reflected by you and toward your clients and prospective clients.