While our services are customized to achieve the goals of our clients, we want to provide a list of some of our services we offer below. Depending on the roadmap we outline with our clients, a combination of some of these services or additional service(s) may be involved.

Social media is always in motion and under constant changes as social media service providers work to monetize the platforms that draw millions of eyes every day. Those same eyes are incredibly valuable and worthwhile to your business and that is the number one reason to have a presence in the social media landscape. Without it, your business is simply leaving money on the table! With all of the changes on these sites and the varying methods for posting, keeping up, let alone posting fresh, relevant and timely content is a huge undertaking for most small businesses.

Instead of trying to "keep up" with the trends, our social media services focus on your overall marketing strategy and outcomes desired. We craft and source meaningful, personalized content for your brand. Current estimates indicate that a brand can post as many as 3-5 times EACH DAY on any particular social media site just to be seen, but we know that number can be less with well crafted strategy and content executed in that plan. 

We will work closely with your in-house marketing efforts to make sure your focus is ours as well. Additionally, in all ways possible we will work to gain photos and images from your business directly whether your staff is in the office, or out in the community during various events.

Reputation Management is included with our social media marketing package with up to 5 aggregated review sites regularly monitored for any positive or negative feedback. Messaging on your social platform will always be positive, friendly, helpful and considerate.

Determining, working toward and ultimately meeting certain goals is an integral part of social media marketing efforts. Each month Mad Strategy will report with an analysis of our most important insights and takeaways. This analysis report is included in all of our services!

Mad strategy has a team of professionals ready to aide in any graphic design projects necessary. Our creative services team has a wealth of experience in creating marketing collateral wherever necessary, to compliment your social media marketing services and overall brand strategy.

We will only employ stock photography of individuals on a limited basis when there is no other available option. Stock photography, if utilized will be billed directly, at cost (maximum of $15 per image) to your business with our normal billing.

Content creation is not just about blogs, articles or any other long-form content mediums. Content - good, bad and ugly - is all over the internet, a quick search online is evidence enough. Your business has the ability to be seen as the expert in your field and geographic area, as long as you are committed with us to the writing process over the long term.

Our entire service package is driven, first and foremost, by dynamic and flexible content. Social media marketing is a moving target, so in order to stay future proof you must work to become a thought leader and a writer for your business. Most business professionals have  little time for writing and this is where our services come to play.

Your business content should be meaningful, purposeful and useful across all multimedia platforms. We work with blind authorship, meaning the ultimate creation of information is credited to your business. Just as I am not the face of your business, I also do not take credit  for any information where your business is subject.

Need help setting up a blog? We work in WordPress blogging platforms and are experienced with hosting blogs and blog creation. Creation of your blog and hosting options are negotiable, add-on services.

At this time we are working to limit our use of paid “reach” on social media platforms until we have seen more fruitful results from this strategy.

We believe that a well crafted content strategy can supersede the need for paid advertising in the social media marketplace. In order to justify advertising expenses of this nature we must be able to tie those costs back to a resulting gain for your business.

Please note, we do not recommend post “boosting” on Facebook as reach alone is not the end goal but instead we look to gain valuable engagement with your target audience. As many studies have show, boosts do not directly tie to engagement.

If at any time we would like to employ any paid advertisement across any social media platform we will work with you to build a strategic advertising plan that fits your long term objectives and goals and is tied to a measurable metric or desired result. No paid advertising purchases will be made without a client approval and sign off on such expenses. Any expenses approved will be billed back to the customer with a markup.