Paid Advertising Methodology

At this time we are working to limit our use of paid “reach” on social media platforms until we have seen more fruitful results from this strategy.

We believe that a well crafted content strategy can supersede the need for paid advertising in the social media marketplace. In order to justify advertising expenses of this nature we must be able to tie those costs back to a resulting gain for your business.

Please note, we do not recommend post “boosting” on Facebook as reach alone is not the end goal but instead we look to gain valuable engagement with your target audience. As many studies have show, boosts do not directly tie to engagement.

If at any time we would like to employ any paid advertisement across any social media platform we will work with you to build a strategic advertising plan that fits your long term objectives and goals and is tied to a measurable metric or desired result. No paid advertising purchases will be made without a client approval and sign off on such expenses. Any expenses approved will be billed back to the customer with a markup. 

Posted on: April 9, 2016, by : Melissa